EDITORIAL BOARD 2020 - | Journal (IF: 3.251) | Life MDPI
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GUEST EDITOR Special Issue. (Deadline 30 June 2023) Multi-Omics Approaches in Microbial Research. Microorganisms (IF: 4.926)
GUEST EDITOR Special Issue. (Deadline 15 December 2022) Tracking Foodborne Pathogens and Antimicrobial Resistance. Life MDPI (IF:3.251)

ACADEMIC EDITOR Fu X, et al (2022) Benzoic Acid Metabolism and Lipopolysaccharide Synthesis of Intestinal Microbiome Affects the Health of Ruminants under Free-Range and Captive Mode. Life MDPI, 12(7), 1071;
ACADEMIC EDITOR Krittanawong C, et al (2022) Artificial Intelligence and Cardiovascular Genetics. Life MDPI, 12(2), 279;
ACADEMIC EDITOR Prokopi A (2022) Towards the First Principles in Biology and Cancer: New Vistas in Computational Systems Biology of Cancer. Life, 12(1), 21;
ACADEMIC EDITOR Kowalska M (2021) Detailed Comparison between the Safety Profiles of Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine. Biol. Life Sci. Forum, 7(1), 4;